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  Application Note: Literature Lab identifes key associations and differences between existing and novel gene sets linked to Multiple Sclerosis


  Acumenta Biotech Announces Major Domain Additions to Literature Lab™ and Literature Lab PLUS™


  Use Case: Literature Lab analysis on time course data reveals important functional associations missed by other gene set enrichment tools.



Now you can own the literature

Acumenta Biotech developed Literature Lab™ to turn an untapped resource, the publication record, into a co-occurrence exploration and hypothesis generation platform.

The Term Database and Gene Thesaurus™ were designed as the foundation for Exploration and Discovery, facilitated by two interface tools for data interaction: Literature Lab and Literature Lab PLUS.

Literature Lab™ turns searches about pathways, diseases and gene co-occurrence into a few clicks. Literature Lab PLUS™ combines the power of publications with gene analysis to enable discovery of pathway, disease, and intervention associations from gene sets in minutes, not months.

If you are a life scientist and have a pathway or a gene list you'd like to understand better, or if you need better testable hypotheses for your next grant application, or if you are doing literature review the way you always have and are wondering what you are missing, or if you are tired of using genomic analysis tools and not feeling comfortable that you are getting what you need, please review the Overview and Product pages and send us an email to arrange a personalized demonstration of Literature Lab™.

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