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  Newsletter September 2016. Literature Lab™ Gene Thesaurus Excels in eliminating gene name errors proven to be widespread in the scientific literature.


  Newsletter August 2016. The Literature Lab™ data mining platform tackles a new PubMed.


  Literature Lab™ analysis of neurodevelopmental pathways in a stem cell model of Schizophrenia.


  Literature Lab™ analysis of pathway associations relevant to prognostic gene signatures for breast, bone and lung cancer metastasis.


  Literature Lab™ interrogation of gene sets relevant to gastric cancer: Comparison to NCI-Pathway Interaction Database based analysis.


  Literature Lab™ analysis of key associations, and comparisons between existing and novel gene sets linked to Multiple Sclerosis.


  Acumenta Biotech Announces Major Domain Additions to Literature Lab™.


  Literature Lab™ analysis on time course data reveals important functional associations missed by other gene set enrichment tools.



In football there’s an expression: a great player widens the playing field. Obviously the playing field is constant, but some teams “get more” out of the available space than others can.

Wouldn’t all scientists like to get more out of PubMed? To improve upon the inferences that they can make from the journal record?

Improved inference can only be achieved if this vast and rapidly growing repository is organized to enable hidden relationships to be clearly observed and understood.

This the objective of Acumenta Biotech with Literature Lab™, a unique platform for empowering scientists with research intelligence mined from millions of scientific journal reports.


Literature Lab™ uses the log of product of frequency (LPF) to score the strength of associations between genes and biological and biochemical terms in the literature. The results identify important disease, pathway, tissue type and many more co-occurrences and relationships, linking the investigator directly with the literature


Literature Lab™ PLUS performs statistical analysis on scientific literature related to experimentally derived gene lists. Using an untapped resource -- the PubMed literature record -- Literature Lab™ PLUS shows new connections within gene sets, helping scientists generate hypotheses that further their research and open new lines of inquiry.


Take a look at the Literature Lab™ database! We will send you a report of gene/term relationships on your disease, gene, pathway or biological function of interest.
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