Testing your Literature Lab Installation

The first thing you should do is make sure that Literature Lab™ is properly installed. The most common issue is incorrect specification of the Data Set Directory path. Use the following procedure to test your setup:

Open the application: Literature Lab Term Viewer.

You should see something like the following screen, with two columns having at least 7 Literature Lab™ Domains in each column. If this is what you see you have correctly set up the Data Set Directory and are ready to use Literature Lab™. The path in the Data Set Directory field always ends with \LitLabData, as is shown in the screen image below:


If you see the screen below, having no Domains, the entry in the Data Set Directory field is not correctly specified or you have not yet installed the database.

Where have you put the LitLabData directory? Correct the path, making sure that it ends with \LitLabData.

Refer back to the database installation instructions to review the correct steps for installing the data.